Learn Bass Guitar

Beginner to Intermediate

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  1. Who am I?
  2. What do you know?
  3. The Bass Guitar
  4. Amplifiers and Accessories
  5. Practising
  6. Playing


  1. The Bass Line
  2. Muting (Coming Soon)
  3. Articulations (Coming Soon)
  4. Reading Music (Coming Soon)
  5. Timing (Coming Soon)
  6. The Major Scale (Coming Soon)
  7. Modes (Coming Soon)
  8. Triads (Coming Soon)
  9. Scales and Chords (Coming Soon)
  10. Walking Bass lines (Coming Soon)
  11. Popular Song Examples (Coming Soon)
  12. More advanced chords (Coming Soon)
  13. Playing in a band (Coming Soon)

I am working to create this resource on line but for direct tuition please contact me.