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MePlaySingWelcome to my new Blog, here is some information about me:

I have been playing bass guitar for over 30 years originally in local rock bands and then at college where I spent considerably more time playing music than studying for my degree. I have played many gigs around Hampshire and a few in London but that was quite a few years ago.

Having moved to the midlands for work I lost contact with the music scene and spent a lot of time learning to make music by myself using computers. As the internet developed I was able to link up with other musicians that way and this lead to me joining some Internet Bands and creating quite a lot of recorded material but little opportunity to play live. I am now rehearsing with a local folk rock band in order to get out and play some gigs locally.

I have more recently started playing double bass and continue to produce my own music playing or programming all instruments and singing though I would like to convert much of this to play in a band format at some point.

I listen to and play a wide variety of music including folk, classic rock. Progressive rock and jazz, though I have been known to produce, House and Trip Hop styles of electronic music as well.

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