Prog-Rock-Prima – Best Prog Rock Bands and Albums to listen to

the essentials of Progressive Rock

Most Significant Bands

Based on peoples votes for the best Prog. Rock Bands across the surveys and total occurrences from google, the 10 most important Progressive Rock Bands are:

  • Genesis
  • King Crimson
  • Pink Floyd
  • Rush
  • Yes
  • Dream Theatre
  • Emerson Lake and Palmer
  • Jethro Tull
  • Camel
  • Tool

A further twelve also important are:

  • Caravan
  • Gentle Giant
  • Kansas
  • Marillion
  • Opeth
  • Porcupine Tree
  • The Alan Parsons Project
  • The Moody Blues
  • Van der Graaf Generator
  • Can
  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Mastodon
  • Frank Zappa
  • Soft Machine
  • Magma

Most Significant Albums

The ten Prog Rock albums that everyone should listen to are:

Year Album Band
1969 In the Court of the Crimson King King Crimson
1971 Fragile Yes
1972 Close to the Edge Yes
1972 Foxtrot Genesis
1972 Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull
1973 The Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd
1973 Larks’ Tongues in Aspic King Crimson
1973 Selling England by the Pound Genesis
1975 Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
1977 Animals Pink Floyd

Another 11 that all Progressive Rock fans should listen to are:

Year Album Band
1970 Emerson, Lake & Palmer  Emerson Lake And Palmer
1971 The Yes Album  Yes
1971  Aqualung Jethro Tull
1971 Meddle Pink Floyd
1971 In the Land of Grey and Pink Caravan
1972  Octopus  Gentle Giant
1974 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Genesis
1974 Mirage Camel
1974  Red  King Crimson
1976 A Trick Of The Tail Genesis
1981 Moving Pictures Rush

These are also definitely worth a listen.

Year Album Band
1971 Nursery Cryme Genesis
1971   Pawn Hearts Van der Graaf Generator
1971 Acquiring The Taste  Gentle Giant
1973 Brain Salad Surgery Emerson Lake And Palmer
1974 Relayer  Yes
1975  Godbluff Van der Graaf Generator
1976  Moonmadness  Camel
1977 A Farewell To Kings Rush
1978 Hemispheres Rush
1979  The Wall Pink Floyd
1980 Permanent waves Rush
1981 Discipline  King Crimson
1985 Misplaced Childhood Marillion
1999 Still Life Opeth
1999 Metropolis 2: Scenes From a Memory Dream Theatre
2001 Blackwater Park Opeth
2001  Lateralus Tool
2007  Fear of a Blank Planet Porcupine Tree

Remember these are according to the research methods detailed previously and not a reflection of my personal taste or views.
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Key albums by the Top bands

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