Significant Music

The Method

2015-10-02 15.17.12The principal is to get the input from as many individuals as possible and somehow extract the very significant from the individual quirk. I know from experience that there is music I like that would never figure on most people’s favourites list, and that is the joy of individual taste but not the point of what I am trying to do here.
So what am I trying to do?

I have set these objectives:

• To identify the most important Artists and Music in said genre
• To provide an introduction to those unfamiliar with this style of music
• To plug some gaps for the seasoned listener
• To provoke some debate
• To avoid any reference to good or bad, better or best.

I decided to use existing surveys or charts sourced from the internet to provide the data. I saw it as key to use only charts created from the participation of a large number of people to avoid over influence from individuals. I paid no credence for position in the charts, using instead the occurrences in each to judge significance and give me a very broad scale.
My initial analysis was to identify the most important bands and then to move on to the most important albums. I only considered albums from the bands identified in the first part of the exercise. I did not force any judgement on genre limits instead assuming that if a band or album appeared in more than one survey it must broadly fit the genre, only using bands identified at the beginning was crucial to preventing the music style from becoming too general.
In the end I set the sources at 7 lists for bands and 5 for albums. As well as band and album I also recorded year of production to get some idea about how the style developed and how the notable works are distributed through time.
Okay, that’s enough of the detail, what about the findings?

A “Prog Rock Prima”, the essentials of Progressive Rock

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