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2015-10-01 13.10.19Personally I am not a believer in good and bad music but obviously there is music I like and music I don’t like and I know that is true for just about everyone. The factors that govern what we do and don’t like vary widely as far as I can tell, some would include previous listening experience, association with experiences and events, influence of others and the impact of fashions and trends. I think all of these can have a positive or negative influence. Added to this or possibly mixed in with these is the issue of how the music or the lyrics make us feel when we hear it and how many times we have herd it. This last is particularly interesting as it seems to be a cycle from new and exciting to getting to know it, through to maybe getting bored with it or overfamiliar and then later on re-discovering it and getting new enjoyment.
Whatever the reasons there is an issue nowadays with discovery of music you are going to like amongst the plethora of available music. In a way the internet has provided a fantastic opportunity for discovery of new music both to benefit the listener and the musician breaking down the restrictions of a business not always interested in the artist or the listener as much as the turnover of their business, maybe focussing on one or two of the above factors and reducing opportunities to discover what we like for ourselves.
The downside is of course given the amount of music out there how do we find music to enjoy without spending a massive amount of time searching through what is available.
I’m not a great fan of classifications based on genre as it always seems too restrictive and yet still fairly ill-defined and I’ve always felt that you should make music because you like it, not to try and fit a style or to be like someone else. However it is the only way we have of trying to align music that is likely to be to the test of a group of people or better to try and give an indication of musical style ahead of actually listening. It is to this end that I have decided to do my bit to maybe signpost the way to helping people find the music they should listen to given their liking for a particular genre in the hope of finding music they may have missed. What I am still struggling to work out is how to extend this to discovering brand new music in a similar vein, I need to work on that!

The Method

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