What do Need to Know?

Here are some needs analysis questions. It’s not a test or a competition, everyone has to start somewhere. I have not provided the answers but you should be able to answer them all if you complete this training.

What do you Know?

1. Can you hold the bass properly?
2. Can you name the strings on a 4 string bass guitar?
3. In how many places can you play a C on the neck?
4. Do you know what a root note is?
5. What is this? bc
6. What note is this? anote
7. Can you play a major scale?
8. Do you know another name for a major scale?
9. Can you name another mode?
10. Can you play it?


What have you done?

  • Jammed on your own
  • Played along to recordings
  • Played along with a friend or two
  • Played in a band
  • Performed live

What do you want to do?
In this section there is a good chance you will want to do several things if not everything so try and come up with a sequence putting the most important to you at number one and work up to the least important. This is critical in order to plan how you are going to approach learning the bass guitar.

  • Play solo
  • Accompany singers
  • Play in a pop band
  • Play in a rock band
  • Play Jazz
  • Play for shows
  • Play in a covers band
  • Play in a tribute band
  • Pass Bass Guitar examinations

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